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THE "10th Tank Corps"

Although the 1/10 and 1/8 scales are certainly physically larger than their more common 1/15 and 1/16 scale brethren, they have primarily been the domain of military engineering enthusiasts just as the smaller scales are the domain of the military modeling enthusiasts. This scale is recognized for its intensive levels of mechanical complexity, functionality, and maintenance. Models are powered by various internal combustion engines as well as operate by complex transmissions and electrical systems. Most models in these scales are scratch built, although kits have been produced and built primarily from materials such as steel, brass, and aluminum; however, woods, plastics, and fiberglass may also be used if properly selected for the intended application. Modelers in this scale generally have working knowledge in model engineering, machining, fabrication in ferrous and non ferrous materials (including metals, plastics, rubbers, etc), welding/brazing, and even light foundry to add what a modeler is able to produce for himself or herself.

However, the true commitment to this aspect of the hobby is indicative not only in the monetary investment (though this is not paramount) but also in the countless hours expended on each project. Many models represented on this website generally are not readily available in the form depicted or they cannot be purchased at all, unless a builder decides to sell to make way for a new project. To many, this is the appeal of this segment of the hobby: building whatever they wish using one’s desire and a combination of materials, (self-made components combined with those purchased from the few suppliers available and adaptations of “off the shelf” components). As the general supply of ready-made kits and components have always been sparse, those wishing to explore this segment of the hobby rapidly become accustomed to constructing or creating their own.

As of this writing there are but a few substantial suppliers of 1/10 and 1/8 products which are identified in the links section of this website.

I hope that you enjoy visiting the 1/10 Tank Corps and hope that you decide to join us!

Jerry Carducci

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