Battle Day Aug. 23, 2009

BAT's 2009 Battle Day a fun time for all!

The meeting yesterday at Ft. Dunlap was a great success due to the much-anticipated first-time participation of our sister club Kelly's Heroes.
Ken Hofmann sent this message along to me to pass on to all of you:

    "From all of Kelly's Heroes to all of BAT and especially to the Dunlaps. Thank you all so much for a fun day. Kelly's Heroes' next meeting is Sunday, Sept.27. 11:00 A.M. Please let us know how many will attend."

I want to thank those Heroes that came out for this event: Ken, Dave, Rex, Bret, Jim, Sparky, Paul and Alfred. Personally it was good to see the group on our territory for the first time since the creation of KH from BAT in late 2001/early 2002.

I think I can safely speak for all BAT participants in saying a big "Thank you!" to all the Dunlaps -- Nancy, Ellison Sr., Ellison Jr. and Anthony for providing a cozy place to hang out and battle yesterday. The food and drink allowed us to spend the day comfortably getting acquainted and having a ball battling it out. Of course, one of the best aspects of this sort of get-together is that technical and modeling information and help can be exchanged in the process.

There wasn't any separation along club lines in terms of the combat due to the very overwhelming prevalence of German armor. So we had basically Nazi versus Nazi except for a few Allied tanks. To avoid confusion we would group all the Tiger I tanks against all the Tiger IIs with the various other Panzers or Allied tanks filling out the ranks.

I won't bore you with the details, but it was a pleasure to have upwards of 8 tanks fighting at one time during the afternoon. Of course a solitary duel can hold folks' attention, but with these numbers, tank commanders had to keep an eye out for snipers and aggressive opponents looking to outflank.

Several times we had crippled tanks -- usually with track issues -- on opposite sides of the field unable to get at each other, requiring the fight to be called a draw.

Thanks has to go to Anthony especially, for his work in weeding, earth-moving, and shaping of the battlefield. On top of that he laid out the two towns and all the trees making Mt. Spumoni and St. Gelato a great place to have a clash of armor.

For my part I enjoyed the new-found smoothness of my speed regulated Tiger I and Hellcat. Ken Hofmann did not, I hear. This may be due to the tendency of the Turnigy-equipped tanks to roll a bit after cutting power. In a hill town with streets the width of a tank and no where to go but down, this could be disastrous!

But for $9 and a servo cable it's cheap enough to try out for yourself, and you quickly get used to it. It really can eliminate the sudden directional changes of the tanks and make them behave like the real thing. I'm sold on them, esp. since you can adjust it to your preference. Here is the supplier for the Turnigy 3 Channel Servo Speed Regulator:

Thanks to Ken Hofmann for leading us to this nifty item.

The fun had by everyone meant there was a consensus to do it again. Certainly at the Dunlaps' but also at one of the KH's sites, too. Next month there will be their meeting in Livermore and in Concord after that, but if agreed to, both clubs can make changes to allow for more of this combined forces meetings.

In conclusion I want to welcome an enthusiastic new member from Sacramento, Peter Huang, who is now looking to get a tank of his own after participating yesterday. Also Seth Abrahams of Livermore who was not able to make the event, but has 4 of the FO Tamiya tanks already. We look forward to seeing these new tank commanders at our forthcoming meetings.
I encourage the less-active BAT members to rediscover their club, and get more involved. It won't be long before the rains will put a damper on running, so please try to make it to a meeting. You can build in the winter, but it is not easy to compete with them then.
We have shown conclusively that we have the goods -- a great little battlefield to replace the loss of the Pony Tracks Ranch site. Those who haven't made the trip to Oakland should pay attention to the Armor Alerts and come out to play.
Those who took pictures can send them to our webmaster, Jay Morewood, at so he can put some up on our website.


Battle Day Aug. 23, 2009