TamiyaCon 2006

by roll_n_steel

On April 8-9 of 2006 a contingent of B.A.T. members (Rich Upton, Paul Ashcraft, Peter Parks, and I) joined the S.C.A.T. (Southern California Area Tankers) to put on some battle demonstrations at the TamiyaAmerica headquarters south of Los Angeles in Aliso Viejo. This was the second time the B.A.T. has been represented at this function and was quite an experience. Once again S.C.A.T. out did themselves, putting in many man-hours to transform the off-road dirt track into a hilly, forested town complete with a smoking bombed out section, producing a challenging battle field for our engagements.

Some of the more notable items of interest were -
    Vince Hearn's scratch built Staghound III.
    Smoking ruins in the battle field.
    Ron Bair's KV-I (scratch built out of lexan and aluminum).

We were fortunate to be able to "camp" right on the property with our comrades from S.C.A.T. thanks to Peter's RV. It was great not having to pack up and drive to a hotel each day.

The weather was quite exceptional this year giving us beautiful sunshine with mild temperature both days.

The models on display and in the competition were once again a fantastic representation of skills. Our Peter Parks place 2nd an 3rd place in the "Military Vehicles/ All other scales and types (Including 1/16)" category, with his 1/16 Sherman and Pershing runners! and was awarded 2 very nice plaques engraved with his name. Next year he will have much more competition I fear...

TamiyaCon 2006