TamiyaCon 2004

by Rich Upton

On April 17-18 of 2004 Bob Moitoso and myself joined the Southern California Area Tankers (SCAT) to put on some battle demonstrations at the TamiyaAmerica headquarters south of Los Angeles in Aliso Viejo. This was the first time a club has done this, much less representatives from two clubs. I brought down several BAT buildings to help with the diorama, but it was the SCAT boys that put in many man-hours to transform the off-road dirt track into a hilly, forested town for our engagements.

At this 9th annual open house Mr. Tamiya senior was present, as is the custom, and he greatly appreciated our participation. All members of the demo team each received $400 in credit toward Tamiya products as a way of saying thanks.

Unfortunately we experienced a real downpour on Saturday and the only demos we gave were on Sunday. At least I got to partake of some very expert modeling seminars while it rained.

The models on display and in the competition were just fantastic. A SoCal BAT member who does static German AFVs, Robert McGuire, won in 3 categories with his JagdTiger conversion, Panther II, and with his Rommel figure standing in a 250 SdKfz halftrack "Grief" (See photos). At the time Robert's static 1/16-1/15 collection numbered 73 -- all German!

TamiyaCon 2004