Battle Day 2004

Plans to have a two-day event were ruined when we had an unseasonably early rain on Sunday morning forcing the cancellation of that day's combat and display activities. Since the tour was on Saturday this caused a repeat of the familiar problem of having the tour of the MVTF museum cut into participation in the 1/16th combat. Having the main combat action on Sunday with no tour to compete with was the plan, but this was thwarted by rain this time around.

Nonetheless the 1/6th scale members who could not make Saturday's activities were not to be put off and brought out their tanks to the big field for some quick photos in the sun that shone even as it began to rain once again. This Battle Day was to be the last for Ramon Mendoza, our acting Treasurer, because he moved early in 2005 to the Chicago area.

A big change for the club this year was that we moved our activities from the main field to a small patch in an Oak grove down the road. This compact location placed us about 300 feet from our new meeting location which doubles as the live steam train modelers club house.

We were only able to field 3-tank teams on Saturday as some members were either touring the museum or had planed to attend the next day which was, of course, rained-out.

Battle Day 2004