Battle Day 2002

This year, B.A.T. moved Battle Day to Jacques Littlefield’s Pony Tracks Ranch. We made this year’s event into a one-day affair in September by having a tour of the museum buildings for interested members and guests during the model activities.

The sprawling site allowed for the normal set-up of the village we call Monte Spumoni for the 1/16ths, a 1/16th obstacle course, and an area for a 1/6th scale diorama. Ramon had his Tiger I, but now also his latest purchase from Bevan Johnston’s Cactus Tracks: a M4A3E8 Sherman. Bevan fielded his own "Easy-8" Sherman and joined Leonard Rose with his Russian JS-2 in circling the 21st Century Toys M5A1 Stuarts. Ramon had his 21st Century Toys Bradley Fighting Vehicle operational that day.

The 1/10th Corps showcased Jerry Carducci’s gas-powered Panther A, Tiger I, a Japanese Type 74, and Rich Upton’s Hunting Panther.

The 1/16th Corps featured Ron Bair’s RC scratchbuilts: M-18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer, T26E3 Pershing, and Panther II. Fred Dorn displayed a table full of 1/16ths including two most recent scratch-builts: an M-12 Self Propelled Gun and an unfinished M-7 Priest (using HVSS suspension). This was the first Battle Day to see Tamiya’s second release of a 1/16th Allied tank, the WW II heavy tank T-26E3 Pershing.

With this current format the public is only allowed by invitation as it is private property. Interested people must contact B.A.T.

Battle Day 2002