Battle Day 2001

"Battle Day 2001" showcased the biggest fundamental change in the hobby since Tamiya introduced the 1/16th line of tanks in 1974. Tamiya now markets their latest generation of 1/16th scale tanks with the optional infrared Battle Units. For the first time, Allied and Axis tanks could simulate combat engagements with resulting damage. Tamiya replicated the actual sounds of the Sherman’s and Tiger’s gun fire, engine, machine gun, and shell impact sounds. They also added battle unit capabilities by coupling infrared lights and sensors that could simulate main gun fire and hits on an opponent up to 30 meters away, until completely disabling it. To our knowledge, our Battle Day was the first time the new Tamiya Battle-unit-equipped Tiger Is and Shermans appeared in significant numbers in public in the U.S.

For the first time, representatives from other clubs around the country came to this event. Specifically, Keith Graybeal for MAAD, or Mid-Atlantic Armor Group; Kevin Rimrodt for AGE, or Armor Group East; and Dick Bernier for EastPac, or Eastern Piedmont Armor Club.

2001’s event was the first time that members with 1/6th scale vehicles organized their own diorama. Ramon Mendoza showed off his Russian-built Tiger I. Several members challenged the Tiger by running their converted M5A1 Stuarts made by 21st Century Toys.

Mike Deiter of R/C Armory displayed his new 1/8 Tiger I and Hunting Tiger along the tank concourse.

Battle Day 2001