B.A.T.’s First Event

by Rich Upton

(Not all models mentioned are depicted in the accompanying photos)

B.A.T. held its first public event on August 19, 1995, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline in Oakland, California. A row of seven sun shelters shaded tables filled with about fifty member tanks, either running or under construction. Members ran their models in an adjacent dirt area.

Even in the early days, Fred Dorn dominated the 1/16th scale segment of B.A.T. with his large collection of vehicles based on the Tamiya Leopard kit.

Our Sherman contingent was impressive considering the scarcity of the model at that period of time.

Among the 1/10ths were Rich Upton’s electric Hunting Panther, Lou Chiu’s electric Japanese Type 74, and several gas-powered WW 2 German types belonging to Jerry Carducci.

1/8th scale was represented by Curtis Weinman’s Abrams and by Paul Almaquer’s M1A2 prototype. Paul also brought a Bradley prototype hull and turret.

Especially exciting for us was the presence of a Japanese reporter from R/C Magazine. His enthusiastic response and the series of color articles on B.A.T. that followed helped lay the groundwork in Japan for the eventual re-issue of the Tamiya Sherman 3 years later.

Fun, Run, and Picnic 1995