Membership Categories -

ACTIVE membership: This level is required for all members who live in these counties that surround the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Alameda
  • Contra Costa
  • Marin
  • Napa
  • San Francisco
  • San Mateo
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Cruz
  • Solano
  • Sonoma

Dues are $20 a year and due in January to the treasurer. You will receive the club’s newsletter, B.A.T. Bulletin, occasional Armor Alerts, a short notice about important events like meetings, events, field trips/tours, and access to the B.A.T. Bunker which is a private section of the WEB site. These communications are provided by e-mail only.

ASSOCIATE membership:
Anyone living outside of the Bay Area, as defined above, may choose between Active or Associate level of membership. Associate dues are $5, paid at time of joining and renewable the 1st of the new year (January).

MEMBER privileges:
As with the Active membership, Associate member privileges include the right to receive all newsletters and notices, purchase a club hat, attend any meetings, events, and field trips or tours and access to the B.A.T. Bunker which is a private section of the WEB site. But unlike the Active level, Associates may not vote on club matters and have secondary priority in regards to radio channel usage at any time we run our tanks. In effect, should there be a channel conflict the Active member will get first preference consideration regarding use of that channel.

To join the Bay Area Tankers club you please read the B.A.T. Constitution  ...
If you can agree to, and can abide by the articles, please proceed to obtain an application by clicking on the “B.A.T. Membership Application” link below. Download and print out the PDF application, fill it in, and send to the address below with your check made out to Rich Upton.
Please Do NOT make it out to “B.A.T.”!

Bay Area Tankers
Att. Rich Upton
4512 Ellen Street
Oakland, Ca. 94601
(510) 534-1705

B.A.T. Membership Application
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the Membership Application. Click the graphic to the left to down load it FREE

B.A.T. Comunications:
The B.A.T. Bulletins are light on technical information, serving more as a means of reporting on meetings/events, notifying members of meetings, models for sale, new products, etc.

For inquiries regarding the 1/16th Tank Corps contact John Morewood, 1.408.839.4252
For inquiries regarding the 1/6th Tank Corps contact Leonard Rose,